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This report contains the recommendations made by the
Co-operative Commission to ensure the future success of
the Co-operative Movement.
The full report consists of seven chapters, each of which
addresses a series of issues for the Movement, and lists
the recommendations relevant to those issues. A complete
list of the recommendations in summary format is also included.
Case studies illustrating current best practice within the
Movement are also contained within the full report.
If you wish to print a copy of the full report, please use the
pdf of report.
For a full list of site contents including Commissioners’
biographies, a list of the submission made to the Commission,
and a glossary of terms, please refer to the site map.

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Do we have any Polish Bakeries in London?

First let’s define what we refer to when saying ‘polish bakery’. There are numerous bakeries in London who have Polish employees, yet I would not call them ‘polish’ per se as they bake toast bread or english style doughnuts. On the other hand you have a few bakeries which focus on Polish market only and bake this crusty brown bread similar to London Bloomer. These are polish bakeries!

Cracow Bakery.

Polish BreadCracow Bakery is one of the few, that produce traditional polish bread. With about 20 full-time employees it focuses on London market. If you would like to put your hand on its bread contact Cracow Bakery on 0 2088 044 330 or simply visit their website at address

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